MountzPro True Dual Scale Torque Wrench

When is a Dual Scale Wrench not a True Dual Scale?

Many Torque wrenches will say they are dual scale, whether it is a window based scale or body scale tool. But these tools are not true dual scale. Why? Because other “dual scale wrenches” are calibrated in one unit of measurement, the primary scale, and the other unit of measurement is only a reference. Trying to set a torque wrench in a unit of measurement that is not the primary scale can be difficult, but not with the MountzPro True Dual Scale Torque Wrench.

• Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability

of ISO 6789:2003 (+/- 4% of setting)


• The “True Dual Scale Torque Wrench” features two scales of measurement and is calibrated in both scales. Designed with a patented torque adjustment system that gives the ability to accurately set the wrench in either scale easily and independently.


• Quickly and easily adjust torque settings.


• Adjustable torque wrench with a square drive. Bi-directional ratchet head.


• Easy-to-read dual scale (American & S.I.) protected by a display window.  Graduation collar on the torque handle.


• Built with strong steel shaft with high corrosion resistance.


• The handle is shaped to provide a firm, ergonomic grip.


• Features a “Push-Button Locking Device.” It securely locks the preset torque and prevents inadvertent adjustment.


• Supplied with a certificate of calibration. Certified in both scales.


• Positive “click” can be heard and felt when torque is reached.

Setting the True Dual Scale Tool

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