A  must buy item.

Craig Truglia

Mahopac, New York

"Using a torque wrench on every wheel that comes off the car equals zero comebacks. Some torque wrenches, like the MountzPro, have both metric and standard measurements to make quicker for the technician to tighten the fasteners without using a conversion chart. In the real world, where technicians are not fond of doing math, this makes the MountzPro a must buy item."


Damn good tool!

 John Hubka, Owner of HC Auto Repair

 Bryan, Ohio

"This is a damn good tool!  I have been using True Dual Scale Torque Wrench now for two years now and I stand behind this tool 100%.  I  have used all kinds of wrenches and this one is by far the easiest to accurately set and set it fast.  I will purchase this tool again if and when I will need too."

 Owner, Car Clinic Mahopac, New York

 Assistant Editor at Professional Tool and Equipment News, Fleet Maintenance and Professional Distributor Magazines

This tool is great!

Scott Maynes, Owner of Scott Maynes Automotive Repar

Sanford, Maine

"This tool is great.  The True Dual Scale Torque Wrench windows and the adjustment mechanism makes it very easy to set and read the right torque. And as I get older this a plus."


My new favorite tool.

Matt Nowling

Pensacola, Florida

"My MountzPro torque wrench works flawlessly. The large handle makes higher torque values less of a strain. The buttons are laid out in a better fashion over other name brands. I like you can see torque values in real time and the vibrating handle makes installing multiple fasteners such as head bolts and lug nuts a breeze. The flex head is a nice addition and is very useful. Being able to switch to inch pounds is a bonus, too. This tool not only saves time, but keeps from cluttering my work space. I'll keep my box-truck torque wrench in the tool chest for a breaker bar. The Digital Flex Head DT200 is my new favorite tool."



The perfect wrench for my racing operation.

Phil Combs

Demossville, Kentucky

"Upon using the wrench, I realized this was an excellent tool and excellent choice for me.  It comes in very handy, from small block cylinder heads all the way down to my boys’ junior dragster and everything in between. We all know what kind of pain it is to re-torque cylinder heads while the motor is in the car.  This is no longer an issue for me.  With the flex headed 3/8 torque wrench I can reach most any bolt.  The Digital Flex Head DT135 is the perfect torque wrench for my racing operation.  I really want to THANK Mountz Pro for a great tool that I can actually use and for being the newest member in our toolbox.  I look forward to spreading the word about MountzPro products, throughout the country as I travel to big money events.  I will be taking my handy new MountzPro torque wrench along as well."


2011 IHRA Stock World Champion 2010 BRP Track Champion

2 Time DRR World Champion

3 Time DRR Division III Champion



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