MountzPro Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench

The MountzPro Digital Torque Series is a new digital flex head torque wrench from Mountz Inc. that provides a digital display of torque readings. This automotive torque wrench is designed for daily screw tightening with a flex head ratchet, and provides visual, acoustic and sensory signals (handle vibrates) when the pre-set torque is reached.


This wrench is simple to use and displays real time torque values. It also offers four units of torque measurement: N.m, lbf.ft,, kgf.m. Simply pre-set the desired torque value and apply force until the green LED illuminates.


Great for light industrial, automotive, and electronic applications. The MountzPro Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench lets operators program it fast with simple, one-function buttons to pre-set torque values for fastening applications.

• Easy to set


• One function buttons


• Sensory alerts: Visual, Acoustic and Haptic (Vibration)


• Four units of torque measurement


• Accuracy +/- 2.5% of reading CW & CCW


* Soft textured ergonomic grip


• Easy to read four digit LCD display


A Closer Look at the MP Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench


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